About the App

MF327 Private Cloud is a desktop application that enables storing data on your own PC and accessing it securely from any web browser. Unlike typical cloud services, our app's unique security model keeps your data between you and your PC. No third-party data servers, no monitoring, no selling, sharing, or using your personal data to "improve our services". Learn More >

Share files, photos, music, and videos between your devices. Save email, contacts, bookmarks, notes, passwords and other data on your own PC and access it from any device. Learn more >

Organize your data in sorted menus for quick easy access, both at your PC and remotely. A convenient search box helps you to quickly launch apps or locate items as you type. Learn more >

Turn your PC's webcam into a video security system. Receive alerts if someone enters your home or office when you're not around. Live stream and record. Learn more >

Access the same data from any device (Apple, Android, Windows... Phone, Tablet, Desktop). Securely log into your PC from any nearby phone or computer.

Create buttons to launch apps, open websites, or play a song. Record what you do and repeat it later with Macros. Use commands to trigger action from an email or text message. Learn more >

Fast / Easy

No client app required! Just login from any device with a web browser (PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet...) and instantly access your Desktop and Apps.


All your data under a single login: Passwords, Notes, Bookmarks, Email, Contacts, Events, Places, Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Apps, Cameras...


Your data stays on your PC. No third-party data servers and no big tech giants selling your personal information to advertisers Learn more >


Military-grade encryption (TLSv1.3 / AES-256) protects your data in-transit and on your PC. Webcam Motion Security alerts you if someone gets near your PC while you're away. Learn more >

Login from any device
Access where you need it
Keep an eye on your home
Fully Encrypted
Login from any device
Log into your PCs from any web browser, on any device.
Your data stays on your computer, with end-to-end encryption to your device
Keep an eye on your home or office while your away
Access the files, data, and apps you need, where you need them.
Log into your PCs from any web browser, on any device.

Be More Productive

  • Quickly get on your PC from any device or computer
  • No need to log-off users, install apps, or walk back to the office
  • Upload/download files, stream, print, email, and use apps right from your web browser
  • Share data seamlessly between all your devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac...)
Increase Productivity
Manage Your Data

Stay Organized

  • Built-in tools for managing passwords, notes, contacts, email, events, bookmarks, and more
  • Create simple, searchable databases with images, hyperlinks, and HTML Learn more >
  • Easily turn any Windows PC into a data server
  • Your sensitive data stays on-site, secure, and accessible from any device

Secure Your Home or Business

  • Keep an eye on valuable property
  • Monitor PC webcams or Network/IP Cameras
  • Detect Motion, Sound an Alarm, Receive Alerts, Schedule Recording
  • No third-party "monitoring" and No storage limits
Secure Your Business
Support Customers or Relatives

Support Customers or Help Family Members

  • Support customer, employee, or family member PCs remotely
  • Chat, Share files, Run Commands, Automate tasks
  • Connect seamlessly through routers with our Subscription plans
  • Do it all from your phone in the Bahamas!







One-Time Purchase
9.99 16.99 /month
12.99 29.99 /month
? Data Management Tools
? Data Management Tools Included Included Included
? PC Automation Tools
? PC Automation Tools Included Included Included
? Private Cloud Storage
? Private Cloud Storage Included Included Included
? Remote Desktop Control
? Remote Desktop Control Included Included Included
? Webcam Motion Security
? Webcam Motion Security Included Included Included
? Commercial Use
? Commercial Use Included Included Included
? Logging
? Logging Included Included Included
? Branding
? Branding Included Included Included
? Integration
? Integration Included Included Included
? Software Updates
? Software Updates Included Included
? Custom URL
? Custom URL Included Included
? Access to Relay Servers
? Access to Relay Servers Included Included
? Access to Proxy Servers
? Access to Proxy Servers Included Included
? Share Data from Your PC
? Share Data from Your PC Included Included
? Deployment
? Deployment Included
? Support
? Support Included
Included = Included Not Included = Not Included All prices are per computer
Not sure which to choose?
What makes this software better than all the rest?

  • Our software combines multiple apps into one - Remote Access, Private Cloud Storage, Data Management, PC Automation & Webcam Security
  • Privacy - No third-party data servers snooping through your emails, photos, or personal information. All of your data stays on your PC
  • Security - End-to-End encryption using TLS v1.3 with Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Convenience - All your data under a single password on any device
  • No Storage Limits - Simply plug-in bigger drives to increase storage
  • No client app required - Access from any web browser
  • Cross-Platform - Access the same data on all your devices: iPad/iPhone, Android, PC, Chromebook, etc.
How does it work?

  1. Install the software on your PC.
  2. Type your web address into a browser
  3. Download / Install your certificate (first time only)
  4. Login and access your screen, files, cameras, and data right from your web browser.

  • Without a subscription, you connect by IP address. (Example:
  • With a subscription, you get a custom URL (Example: mf327.com/pc/yourpcname). When you type this into a browser, we find the fastest route to your PC and connect you automatically. (Similar to Dynamic DNS or DDNS). If your PC is not accessible, a 'reverse connection' is established and our relay servers forward traffic between your PC and browser. This allows you to access your PC behind routers such as those found at Work, a Hotel, or on Public Wi-Fi.
Which license should I choose?

Choose Core if ANY of these apply:
  • Your PC is connected directly to the internet (no router),
  • Your PC is behind a router that you can setup,
  • Your PC will only be accessed by devices on the same network.

Choose Premium if ANY of these apply:
  • Your PC is a laptop that you travel with,
  • Your PC is behind a router that you can't setup
    (such as at work, a hotel, or a friend's house).

Choose Ultimate if ANY of these apply:
  • You frequently access your PC from public devices and can't install your certificate,
  • You want to share data from your PC with others using temporary links,
  • You're a power user who will settle for nothing less than the absolute best.
Choose Workstation if ANY of these apply:
  • The PC will only be accessed within your local network,
  • The PC is behind a router that you can configure,
  • The PC has direct internet access.

Choose Technician if ANY of these apply:
  • The PC is a laptop that is traveled with,
  • The PC will be accessed remotely, from outside your local network.

Choose IT if ANY of these apply:
  • You're deploying the software to multiple workstations,
  • You want priority phone and email support,
  • You want access to new PC management features as they become available.
What does the free trial include?

The free trial gives you ALL features for 14 days. You can choose which license you want to try when installing the software.

What are the requirements?

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A modern web browser
  • (Optional) An email account to receive notifications or use SMS commands
What happens when my subscription ends?

The following features are disabled when your subscription ends:
  • Remote Access
  • Updates
  • Adding or Changing Data
  • Email Commands and Sync
  • Motion Detect, Scheduled Recording and Events
You'll still have access to your saved data, but will not be able to add, change, or access it remotely.
Do I need to leave my computer on?

Yes. Your PC must be on and connected to the internet to access it remotely.

Can I access my data using a non-smart phone?

Yes. You can send commands to the software in a text message and it will send you files, screenshots, camera images, or any other data you request. (Requires an email account)

Do you have access to my computer or data?

No. All data is stored on your PC and access is protected with your master password, which only you have access to. No data is processed on our servers for any purpose other than to securely transfer it between you and your PC.

How do I know I can trust your company?

  • You can view our Certificate of Good Standing here or on the Wyoming Secretary of State website (Filing ID: 2015-000693528)
  • All software is digitally signed so you can be sure it came from us.
  • All content is served over a secure connection. Click the padlock in your address bar to verify our site is secure.
  • Payments are processed securely using PayPal.
  • We'll let you Try It before you buy it. No credit card required
  • Feel free to Contact Us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have:
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