Create Simple, Searchable Databases

Customizable backgrounds

Save Recipes or Instructions

  • Quickly find a favorite dish. Search by ingredient.
  • Store instructions for making art projects or crafts
  • Document work instructions
  • Store treatments for medical conditions. Search by symptom.
  • Save rules for your favorite games to quickly settle any argument.

Keep Track of Your Stuff

Save locations of items in storage. Record part numbers and serial numbers. Document valuables for insurance. Quickly locate user manuals and spare parts.

Customizable backgrounds Keep Track of Your Things
Customizable backgrounds Easily Manage Yard Sales

Having a Yard Sale?

Track what's sold, for how much, and who's it was. Search by owner, price, or description.


Running a Small Business?

Keep track of products, parts, tools and supplies. Quickly lookup item locations, pricing, or part numbers. Search by description or any other field just by typing.

Customizable backgrounds Keep Track of Inventory
Customizable backgrounds Keep Maintenance Records

Stay On Top of Maintenance Tasks

Keep track of Vehicle, Home, or Equipment Maintenance. Lookup what needs to be done at a certain date or mileage. Save part numbers for filters, fluids, etc. Record what was done to fix problems to aid in future troubleshooting.


A Few Good Features

  • Create secure logins and access from any web browser
  • Search, add, and edit items from your phone, tablet or pc
  • Embed HyperLinks, Images, and HTML content
  • Import/Export CSV files
  • Print or Email items, lists, or search results
  • No complicated queries or connection strings. Just simple, searchable data

...Limitless Possibilities

Exercise Records, Store Hours, Customer Info, Lesson Plans, Grades, Class Notes, Bowling Scores, Timesheets, Collections, Finances, Gift Lists, Sales Records, Plant or Animal Info, Medical History, Prescription Info, Price Lists, Circuit Breakers, Feature Comparisons, Travel Itineraries, Tax Records, Research, Tool Locations, Logs or Diaries...

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